Reminder – Randy Morrow Trail Walk on Nov 14th

Reminder – Randy Morrow Trail Walk on Nov 14th

The Colorado River Walkers club will be hosting a beautiful fall walk this coming Saturday, November 14th, in Georgetown.

Please see our post about this walk that has the flyer for the details. That post also has links to some of the exploratory walks that were done in preparation for this walk.

The walk route is out and back on the same path, and the views are spectacular both heading out and coming back. Walkers have the opportunity to walk 18k if they choose to go all the way to Overlook Park at the North San Gabriel Dam, but there are several turnaround points along the way. Walkers can walk 5k, 10k, 12k, 14k, or the full 18k.

A couple of us walked part of the walk route a few days ago and took some pictures with the fall colors along the way.

Below are some photos taken on the trail between the Start/Finish and the 5k turnaround point. Also the picture above is from this section of the trail.

Carol and Mary on the trail.
Stephanie at Rivery Park, one of several small parks along the route.
A mosaic in the concrete trail.
View from the trail.
The North Fork of the San Gabriel River.

Next are some pictures taken between the 5k turnaround and the 10k turnaround point. This section of the walk route includes some neighborhood streets, as well as the walking trail along the river.

A view of the North Fork of the San Gabriel River from Chandler Park.
Another view of the river.
Geese in Chandler Park.
A plaque along the trail honoring Randy Morrow.
If you look closely, you’ll see a small black and white cat staring at you from the greenery.
Happy deer.

The section of the walk route from the 10k turnaround to the 12k turnaround is a little more hilly, but it is well worth the extra hiking. The 12k turnaround is at Booty’s Road Park. Here are a few pictures from that stretch:

The North Fork of the San Gabriel River (again).
The Stargazing Circle on the trail. There are markings on the perimeter for the four compass points, and diagrams of the constellations are etched in the concrete in the circle.
A plaque in the Stargazing Circle.
Trees, and more trees.
Some boulders along the walk route.
A final view of the trail.