Photos from Cedar Park YRE on Sept 5th

Photos from Cedar Park YRE on Sept 5th

This past Saturday, September 5th, Doug Eide led a group of five people on an informal group walk of a new loop of our Cedar Park YRE along the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.

The photo above was sent in by Carol Obianwu, and it shows, left to right, Mary, Hal, Jean, Doug and Carol on the trail.

The group walked on the cement and gravel trails of Creekside Park and Olsen Meadows Park, passing by the beautiful Fern Bluff.  The two parks are along the Brushy Creek Regional Trail in Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas.

Doug sent the following photos.

Nice trees on the trail.
Left to right, Jean, Carol and Mary by the Fern Bluff.
Info on Fern Bluff.
Another picture of Fern Bluff.
And another picture, this one showing the overhang.
Doug on the trail.
Ducks enjoying the pond.
Another beautiful sight from the trail.

Thanks, Doug!