Love on the Trail

Love on the Trail

It is always a joy to share a love story, but this one is special to us because it happened step by step, while volksmarching.  The wonderful couple above are Mary Dougherty and Charles Rogers, who got married on May 23rd of this year.  They shared some pictures of their wedding with us, their fellow Colorado River Walkers, and we’re spreading the love.

To retrace their steps…

Charles, one of our longtime Colorado River Walkers, first met Mary in March of 2018, when they carpooled with Mary Zeitler to a volksmarch in Llano.  Martin Callahan was there from San Antonio, and he snapped the picture below of the three of them that day.

Charles, Mary D and Mary Z in Llano

Charles and Mary walked the 10 k together in Llano, which, as we walkers know, allowed them the chance to become acquainted.  After a few more walks and a couple of months, they started dating.  They are both avid walkers, and Mary actually started volksmarching in Germany as a child, when her Dad was in the military. 

Our club has a YRE in Salado, and it is a very picturesque walk in a quaint little historic town.  Charles proposed to Mary there, and they went back the day after their wedding to do the Salado YRE.  Charles sent the pictures below from that walk on May 24th.

This first one is a picture of Mary on the stage at the Tablerock Amphitheater where Charles proposed to her.  Charles said that he proposed to her under a tree that hung over the right side of the stage, but it has unfortunately been cut down since then.

Mary at Tablerock Amphitheater in Salado

Charles enjoying a cool drink at Barrow Brewing Company.

Charles at Barrow Brewing Company in Salado

A picture of Salado College Park, with the college ruins beyond the trees.

Salado College Park

Charles by the Salado Museum, just across the street from the remodeled Stagecoach Inn.

Charles by the Salado Museum

Finally, a few more pictures from the wedding at the Tiny T Ranch in Garfield –

The ceremony on the front porch of the chapel, with social distancing in place.

Wedding ceremony at Tiny T Ranch

Sweet Rosie, with the sign that says it all!

Rosie with Just Married sign at Tiny T Ranch

Congratulations to Charles, Mary and Rosie!