Meeting Minutes Mar 2020

Meeting Minutes Mar 2020

Above photo provided by Stephanie Knight

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers

March 9, 2020

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Carol O. at 6:35pm at the Lamar Senior Activity Center on Shoal Crest Ave. 10 members were present.

MINUTES: The February meeting minutes were passed out to attendees. Since they were also sent by email, they were not read. Spelling corrections made, then minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. reported the bank account total of $3,885.36 in the CRW checking account as of 02/29/2020.  Carol O. reported an additional $485 is being added to the treasury, mostly from Capital and LBL YRE’s attended by Tater Tours and international travelers that attended the IML in San Antonio.

YRE REPORT: February 2020 from Linda

  • Austin Historical – 14w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 6w
  • Fairview – 5w
  • Georgetown – 5w
  • Brushy Creek – 4w, 0 bike
  • Pflugerville – 2w
  • Round Rock – 5w
  • Salado – 3w
  • Belton – 3w

Total = 47 walkers $2 donations, $4 awards,    Total $147.00

YRE REPORT: February 2020 from Carol

  • Austin Historical – 70w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 59w
  • Fairview – 8w
  • Georgetown – 3w
  • Brushy Creek – 0w, 0 bike
  • Pflugerville – 2w
  • Round Rock – 0w
  • Salado – 1w
  • Belton – 0w

Total = 143 walkers $54 donations, $5 patches,    Total $485.00


1. CRW event walk was held on Feb 15th. The Rathgeber Village walk had 108 walkers in attendance. Larry was thanked for the BBQ sausages. The Fat Belly Pretzels were delivered to the walk as a donation. A thank you email was sent, and a post was also put on the CRW website.

2. Stephanie K. POC for the April 25th walk at Richard Moya Park, has completed a 10k route. She suggested two dates to walk and review the route: Sunday, March 15th at noon, and Wed. March 18th at noon.

3. Carol said the board of directors of America’s Walking Club declared that the first seven days of April beginning in 2020 will be “National Walking Week.” It would be a good time for a preview walk perhaps, or to meet and walk a YRE. 

4. The Texas Trail Roundup, IML event held over the weekend, had over 100 walkers at the furthest checkpoint manned by our club. Carol reported it was a great event and had over 600 attendees, lots of excitement, flags and walks.


1. The TVA Meeting was held March 6th in Boerne. Carol, Greg, Doug and Nelli attended.

  • The TVA meeting will be Feb 6th in 2021, and not in March. (March is busy time due to the IML event in San Antonio.)
  •  The TVA approved the change to move the second meeting of the year from occurring in the hot month of August to November 14, 2020, near Veteran’s Day. (As this is our date for a traditional walk, CRW will man our year rounds and possibly add a walk in Georgetown or Round Rock.)
  • The dates for CRW traditional walks for 2021 are Feb. 20th, April 24th, Sept 25th and Nov. 20th.

2. Support the Big Give for AVA.  Discussion was held about increasing our donation, as our club’s financial position is good.  A motion was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to send $150 this year.

3. The TVA is going to support an agreement with Element 3 Health that supports patients whose doctors recommend exercise such as walking. The patient would be given a referral to a local club which would have a liaison to introduce the patient to America’s Walking Club (AVA). This will require a member to be willing to be the liaison, meeting with the person and inviting them to walk with our club or do a YRE. (Carol suggests we wait to enter into this agreement until we see how other clubs progress. Someone needs to volunteer to be the contact as well.)

4. Upcoming events to plan for include the:

  • Sat. March 14th Llano Earth Art Fest Walk, 9am to 12pm
  • Sat. March 21nd Kissing Tree Community, San Marcos, 8am to 11am
  • Sat. March 28th Spring walk in Gruene Historic Village, 8am to 12pm
  • April 1st to the 7th, National walking week. Events planned to San Antonio
  • April 4th, Tour De Castroville Walk, Run, Bike, 8:30 to 11:30

Future events to plan for:

  • County walks in the Panhandle for 2020
  • Sun Country Striders, New Mexico, Ruidoso, 6 days, 6 events, June 24-29
  • White Sands National Park in Las Cruces June 20 to July 5th

5. There was discussion about the location of the next meeting in April. No consensus from the group. HEB, Senior Center, Central Market, Luby’s.  Central Market works for the May Picnic location.

 Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara B., Secretary