Photos from our Rathgeber Village walk on Feb 15

Photos from our Rathgeber Village walk on Feb 15

Lucky for us, we have some photography enthusiasts among our walkers, and they have shared some wonderful photos with us. These pictures are from our Rathgeber Village Walk in the Mueller Neighborhood volksmarch on February 15th.

Martin Callahan provided the photo above of the historic Browning Hangar. It was taken from the other side of Mueller Lake along the walk route. He also found a website with information on the history of the hangar:

Eveline Evans maintains a website where she posts photos from the volksmarches that she has done. Please see her photos from our Rathgeber Village Walk in the Mueller Neighborhood here.

The photos below are provided courtesy of Martin Callahan.

Colorado River Walkers and friends at the walk start point. From left to right are Carol G. and Ed E. (walkers) and CRW members working at the event, Mary Z., Sam H., Stephanie K., Carol O. and Charles R.
We ALL appreciated Larry J. who grilled sausages for us all!
Colorado River Walkers Carolyn D. (left, with Dolly) and Jean B. (with Rudy) worked the first checkpoint.
Sheila and Bill K. on the hike and bike trail at Mueller with Dolly.
This is a great shot of the Texas Spiders sculpture, which was created by artist Dixie Friend Gay. Gayle W. is on the right with Rudy, taking a picture of the spider.
Another beautiful picture, this one shows waterfalls in the ponds, homes behind them, and the old blue airport control tower rising above the roofs in the distance.
Gayle W. with Rudy under the sculpture of a Microscopic Pollen created by artist Chris Levack. Mr. Levack also created the Wigwam sculpture, seen on the left in this photo.
Martin C. with Dolly (left) and Rudy in front of the Wigwam sculpture.
A hawk perched among the Purple Martin houses along the walk route.
A home with a beautiful gated entry.
Martin C. with Rudy (left) and Dolly in front of the sea creature statue, Nessy. Nessy was created by artist Dixie Friend Gay.
From left to right, Mary R., Heidi R. with her son Remy, Reuben K. with Dolly, Mac R. with Rudy, Marta K., and Sean R. with Murphy all stop for a picture next to the monument to Josiah Pugh Wilbarger who was stabbed and scalped by Indians in 1832 and survived.
Walkers in Bartholomew Park crossing the final bridge to the nearby Finish Point.
Colorado River Walkers working the Finish table. From left to right are Stephanie K., Kathy and Les S. and Sandi H.