Meeting Minutes February 2020

Meeting Minutes February 2020

Above photo provided courtesy of Charles Rogers.

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers

February 10, 2020

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Carol O. at 6:35pm at Lubys on Steck, 9 members present.

MINUTES: The January meeting minutes were passed out to attendees, but as also sent by email, were moved and seconded for approval. Passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. was not present but sent a report of the bank account total of $3,334.36 in the CRW checking account as of 01/31/2020.

YRE REPORT: January 2020

  • Austin Historical – 16w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 6w
  • Fairview – 1w
  • Georgetown – 1w
  • Brushy Creek – 0w, 0 bike
  • Pflugerville – 1w
  • Round Rock – 1w
  • Salado – 6w
  • Belton – 1w

Total = 32w and 1 child & $2.50 donation.    Total $100.00


1. CRW event walk is on Feb 15th. The Rathgeber Village, sign in 8 to 11 am. Flyers were late in being delivered to other walks like in Fredericksburg. David R. took flyers to last week’s walk at Del Webb. The schedule is done with enough volunteers. Larry is cooking sausages, and members are asked to bring fruit or snacks to the start point as well.

2. Stephanie K. is the POC for the April 25th walk at Richard Moya Park. The flyer was presented.

3. Stephanie printed up the new CRW business cards and passed a few around. Very well done with three websites listed for information and to find upcoming events and YRE’s. Thanks to Stephanie.

4. The Texas Trail Roundup is Feb 21th to 23rd. Doug will be on call and will be biking the event.  Carol O. has volunteered CRW to man the same check point as last year. Let her know if you want to volunteer as well you can volunteer online for the event. This special event walk is $10.00.

5. Tator tours will be in San Antonio for the Roundup, then will come to Austin on Monday for the Capital Walk and Lady Bird Lake YRES. 51 walkers are registered to walk, a log listing and a check will be provided by Tator Tours.


1. Discussion was held just before the meeting started as Mary presented an option for a meeting site at the Lamar Senior Activity Center, 2874 Shoal Crest Ave, Austin Tx 78705. No decision made yet.

2. The next TVA Meeting is March 6th in Boerne. Two topics to be discussed and perhaps voted upon. The first is to combine New Mexico and Texas to be TVA group. The second is to have the clubs enter into an agreement with E3 for Doctors who would like their patients’ to get more exercise. The patient would be given a referral to a local club who would have a liaison person to introduce them to our club and to AVA in general under the new name of America’s Walking Club. The liaison may even invite them to walk with this member. It is hoped that this will help membership and perhaps enable AVA organization to receive grants. Please be sure to read the latest Checkpoint Carol emailed for further information and explanations.

3. Carol presented  a plan to use some of the 200 count 1993 Austin Patches as a free gift to the Tator Tours walkers and any international walkers that may also show up to our YRE’s. The patches show the capital and the city. This was agreed by the members present.

4. The flyer for the Rathgeber is on the web site and members can email and invite friends and any interested walkers.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara B., Secretary