Meeting Minutes July 2019

Meeting Minutes July 2019

Meeting Minutes

Colorado River Walkers

July 8, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Carol O. at  6:49 pm at the Mueller HEB meeting room. Nine members were present.

MINUTES: The 05/13/19 meeting minutes were presented by Mary Z., acting for secretary Barb B. The minutes were approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Sam H. reported a total of $3443.60 in checking as of 06/30/2019.

May 2019

  • Austin Historical – 5w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 1w
  • Fairview Park – 0w
  • Georgetown – 4w
  • Brushy Creek – 3w, 0 bikers
  • Pflugerville – 2w
  • Round Rock – 5w
  • Salado – 1 w
  • Belton – 1w (2 non-credit)

Total = 22w Total $66.00       

June 2019

  • Austin Historical – 6w
  • Lady Bird Lake – 17w
  • Fairview – 10w – 1 coupon
  • Georgetown – 2w
  • Brushy Creek – 5w, 0 bikers
  • Pflugerville – 5w
  • Round Rock – 2w
  • Salado – 9w – 2 free
  • Belton – 0w

Total = 56 w (1 coupon, 2 free) Total $159.00           


1. Carol O. thanked Nelli A. for the large plastic box she donated to CRW for organization of Start Table materials.

2. Flyers for the next walk scheduled for Sept. 28, 2019, Walnut Creek Park to Balcones District Park, were completed by Carol O. and are ready for distribution.  Carol O. has rented a pavilion at Walnut Creek Park for the Start/Finish.  The walk routes will be out-and-back with the 10k route turn around at Balcones District Park and the 5k turn around at the 2.5k point. The routes are on a concrete path and will not have to be marked.

3. A site and location for the Nov. 9 walk event for 2019 has not been established.  Potential locations include Onion Yarnabee Bend Park, Mary Moore Searight Park, and the Mueller development. Anyone interested in developing this event, please contact Carol O.

4. CRW will be hosting a Sunrise Walk on Aug. 24.  The Start point will be at the Extended Stay America and manned from 7am– 10 am. by Carol O. and Mary Z. Walkers will have a choice of the 3 YREs that start from that location.

NEW BUSINESS:                                                                                                                                                   

1.  The next AVA Convention willbe June 30-July2, 2021 in Madison, Wisconsin.  

2.  Carol O. discussed the awards listed in an official Convention publication of CRW members.  These awards were given to those members who volunteered their time and effort to the success and ongoing functions of CRW during the past two years.

3. Changes and/or discussion during the Convention:

– approved the move of the fiscal year to the calendar starting in 2020 and other bylaws amendments. 

– A media company was hired by AVA for marketing purposes. AVA is encouraging clubs to use Face Book for promotion of club activities.

–  discussion regarding on-line walk registration.  A credit card rather than Pay Pal will be used, and functions will be handled by AVA Headquarters. The procedures and date for implementation have not been determined.

4. Articles are needed for publication in The American Wanderer. Topics could include future walk events, walks that have taken place, interesting places you have walked, etc. The deadline for submission for the next TAW issue is July 25, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Linda D. – 325 events

Carol O. – 8000 kilometers

Greg S. – 14000 kilometers

Respectfully submitted

Mary Z. acting for Barbara B., Secretary