Stoney Creek Park and Fort Dessau Historical Landmark

Stoney Creek Park and Fort Dessau Historical Landmark

Our wonderful Colorado River Walkers continue to explore more neighborhood parks in the Austin area. Recently Carol Obianwu and a group of walkers checked out Stoney Creek Park in Pflugerville, which is on the north east side of Austin.

After the walk through the park and in nearby neighborhoods, they drove to a historical site near the park where the above picture was taken. The historical site is the Fortress Home, and it is located in the Fort Dessau subdivision. The stone home was built in the early 1850’s by Martin Wieland from Dessau, Germany. The historical site is part of a nice park area with community gardens and a playscape in the Fort Dessau Historic Amenity Center. A picture of the gardens and park area is below:

Fort Dessau Historic Amenity Center

For more information on the Fortress Home, please see this page on the Historical Marker Database site:

It has a nice picture of the whole buiding.