Patterson Park to Mueller Redevelopment Walk,
September 30, 2017

Photos courtesy of Carol Obianwu and Martin Callahan

Walk Flyer
Colorado River Walkers
Debbie helping to direct walkers to the start point.
Barb Byers and her friends from Meetup Austin
at a sculpture in Patterson Park at the beginning of the walk.

Photo courtesy of Carol Obianwu.
All photos below are courtesy of Martin Callahan.
The old Mueller Airport Air Traffic Control Tower, which was left
intact after the airport was redeveloped into a residential area.
Workers at the Start/Finish.
Stopping to take pictures along the trail.
Martin stops for a picture with Dolly
by the giant Texas Spiders
sculpture by Dixie Friend Gay.
Gayle and Rudy on the trail in front of the lake.
Doug and Gayle with Dolly and Rudy by the
sculpture of "Nessy", a giant sea creature.  

It is beautifully covered in tile and was
created by artist Dixie Friend Gay.
Doug and Gayle with Dolly and Rudy in front of the WW2 era
Browning wooden aircraft Hangar along the trail.
Getting ready to close down the Start/Finish
at the end of the walk.