Austin State Hospital and Shoal Creek Walk in April, 2017

Photos courtesy of Martin Callahan

Walk Flyer
Colorado River Walkers
From left to right, Sam Harris, Barbara Byers, Charles Rogers, and Larry Jacob all working
at the start point at the historic Austin State Hospital.
From left to right, Mike Schwencke, Sarah and Jason Shumate
with Becca in the stroller, Kathy Schwencke, and Doug Eide with
Dolly (left) and Rudy stop for a picture along the walk trail in front
of the old Austin State Hospital building constructed in 1857.
Looking back at Shoal Creek from a bridge near the walk trail.
Martin Callahan and Dolly stop for a picture along the Shoal Creek Trail in front of Seiders Springs.
Mary Zeitler working at the first check point.
Greg Sells stamps the walk cards for two Volkssporters back at check point one.
Janey Oliphint (left) and her sister Karen Oliphint
pose for a picture in front of the door to the
Seekatz-Gardner house built in 1879.