Pictures from our Hyde Park Walk
in September, 2016

Photos courtesy of Martin Callahan

Walk Flyer

Our Start/Finish location for this walk was
Hyde Park Christian Church in Austin.
Colorado River Walkers
Sandi, Sam, and Barbara working registration.
Carolyn and Scott at the Start table.
A historic home on the trail, built in 1935.
The "Commodore" Perry Mansion
and estate.
Walkers stop for a picture in front of the estate.

Left to right are Mike with Dolly, Jason, Sarah,
Kathy, and Doug with Rudy.
Doug with Rudy, Jason, and Kathy in front of
the Shipe House, built in 1892.
One of the 17 surviving "Moon Towers" in Austin.
Martin with Rudy and Dolly at
the entrance to Shipe Park.  
The rock portion of the arch is
made of petrified wood.
Martin at the entrance to the Elisabet Ney Museum
with Rudy and Dolly.
Above is Doug with Patrick, the museum docent.   
A few pictures from inside the museum.