A Few Pictures from a Group Walk of our Round Rock YRE in September, 2016

Photos courtesy of Martin Callahan
Colorado River Walkers
The group eager to start
on the walk!
To the left, Martin Callahan holding Rudy and
with Dolly at his feet sit next to the sculpture
of Dr. Robert L. Peters, Jr., and his dog,
Honey Bear, at the Sharon Prete Main Street
Plaza along the walk trail.
To the right, from left to right, Ursula
Brinkmann, Carol Obianwu, and Gerda
Geschke stop for a picture along the 5k
trail next to the old Broom Factory
Building erected in 1876.
To the left, Doug Eide with Rudy (left)
and Dolly stop for a picture along the
walk trail in front of the Nelson-Crier
House that was built between
Below, Doug and his furry friends stop by a medieval-style
tower in the back yard of a home just off the walk trail.
According to a plaque mounted near the front door it was
built by master craftsmen between January 1991 and the
Ides of March 1992. The plaque is titled in the Czech
language "Hrad Na Cernu Pudu" which in English
translates to "Castle on the Black Soil."
Above, Martin Callahan with Rudy (left) and Dolly stop for a picture on the old railway trestle with
the Round Rock that the city was named for visible in Brushy Creek to the right of them.
Above, Doug Eide with Rudy (white poodle) and Dolly stop for a picture near the falls where
baptisms took place from the mid 1800s through the mid 1900s.